Mapping Census data from Newcastle commuters – update!

People – especially students – get in touch with me on a surprisingly regular basis to ask for the data and shape files I used in my previous post on mapping methods of travel to work in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Unfortunately, since Google discontinued their support for Fusion Tables, people are now unable to download the data and shape files from the maps I created. Never fear! You can find them here.

Link to download KMZ file for the Lower Layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs*) within Newcastle upon Tyne**.

Link to download data on methods of travel to work, from the 2011 Census, organised by LSOA**.

Link to download data on methods of travel to work from the 2011 Census, organised by ward* (sorry, but I don’t have a shape at ward level).

*For a guide to administrative geographies, see the ONS page on Census geography.

**This link will take you Dropbox, but you don’t need an account to download the file

Getting other Census and geographies data:

What’s even better than being able to simply download the data from this page? Probably, it’s knowing where to get your own data (especially since the 2011 Census data are about to become outdated). There are couple of really handy websites for accessing Census data and information on UK geographies:

The Nomis website provides a useful portal for accessing census data.

The ONS Open Geography Portal provides a lot of helpful products, including shape files for various geographies.

Hopefully these resources will help you to get your projects done. Happy mapping!

A map from the original project, showing the percentage of residents in each LSOA travelling to work by bicycle (in shades of green), with all data represented in the pop-out bubbles in the interactive version.